4870-18G Solder Pocket Pack Sn60/Pb40 No-Clean 18g

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4870 – Sn60 / Pb40 Wire, No Clean (NC) Flux Core

MG Chemicals No Clean formula Sn60/Pb40 Leaded Solder is an electronic grade solder wire. It uses a classical tin-to-lead alloy ratio, which is complemented with a no clean, synthetically refined, splatter-proof, resin flux core. These solder wires meets J-STD-004 and J-STD-006 specifications. It melts at a slightly higher temperature range than the classical 63/37 solder. It results in robust and reliable joints that are highly resistant to whisker formation. It leaves a small amount of post-soldering residues that is non-conductive and non-corrosive and won’t cause electrical shorts. The name no clean refers to the fact it leaves a lower residue amount than a typical RA or RMA flux. It does not mean there will be no residues.

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